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No App For Life Challenge Film Companion Guide & Workbook-

We offer the FREE “No App For Life” Challenge with one objective -  as a way for you to learn more about yourself.  There is NO pressure to go through what the students in the film went through, nor should you feel like you either “pass or fail” if you abstain from using social media. The goal is to take a few days to compare and contrast the difference between more authentic connections compared to digital interactions.  Remember – there is an entire population that doesn’t even have a frame of reference for answering a home phone! The FREE Film Guide and Workbook are simply designed for you to learn more about yourself.

No App For Life Challenge 10-14 Week Program

For over a decade, Media and Communication Professor Joni Siani has been empowering students with the skills, strategies and tangible solutions to navigate their digitally demanding world.   The results – a deeper understanding of themselves, the confidence and skills to communicate in a manner that fulfills their personal needs, improves relationships at the same time, eliminating damaging tech habits.

With 2,000 students participating in a projected-based learning curriculum, with a focus on social/emotional learning, digital/media literacy, and mindful communication skill-building, we have found a helpful course of action to reverse the damaging impact of digital socialization, and empower individuals to navigate the digital demands that have become part of our society.  Learn more about how you can bring this program to your school or community.  


We offer a variety of events for your home, school, business or organization. From virtual webinars, film screenings and speaking events, workshops and more, we work with you personally to customize inspirational action. 


                         Contact us today! 

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